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The jagger bear

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Heavy, spikey, safe, textured, a whole handful of pressure filled distraction all in the shape of a bear!

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Our newest collection of distraction tools has used over 3000 pieces of recycled plastic, metal, rubber etc to bring you colourful, chunky, usable tools. Made from rubbish.

The recycling collection

We aim to fill the gap between anxious thoughts and picking skin. We have designed small handheld pieces to move between your fingers, rub under your thumb or graze over your skin. Mixing together texture, pocket size and subtle design here you can find a small piece of happiness for your pocket.

Create your own subtle distraction tool.

Create your own subtle sensory accessory that suits you, choose from one of our classic jazshouse bases, a huge silver plated Keyring to start a massive collection of charms and move around your finger tips, a soft lanyard, a silicon band, a silicone bracelet or a necklace, then choose your charm/s to create the right weight and texture for you. 

Create your own

Designed for you.

The jazshouse tinker

Taking recycled plastic, and preloved brick a brac and creating one of kind functional, useable art. To turn your tactile sensory seeking next level, and up your talking games!

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Your small piece of calm

Our pieces are designed to last, stand the test of the and use and be used over and over again every day.

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The perfect mix of visual and tactile sensory input for your pocket.

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Our pastel collection perfectly mixes our love of colour with our love of subtlety to bring you pastel pocket pieces.

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