How to guide

What and who are our products for?

We have designed beautiful pieces of pocket art for fizzy hands.
We strive for your inner calm.
Our products are created with anxious hands at the forfront of design and can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, anxious or not, and age is not an issue. 
Our current customers range from pre-school to hundreds of multi skilled adults.
Here you will find some examples of what we do with each item but the possibilities are endless.

Our largest pieces, and the only pieces suitable for pre-school ages are our Fidget finders. They come in all different shapes and sizes, some are designed for in pocket subtle distractions for small hands, some are designed for multiple people to use at once, some are designed for the shape of hands that don't stop moving.


All of them encourage deep breathing, distraction, speech, language and a visual anchor.

All of them are waterproof, easily cleanable, heat resistant and are made with UV resistant resin and recycled pieces.

The best part of our finders is they are filled with recycled plastic, each one is completely different as the recycled pieces we can source change weekly. 

This is one of our largest finders, The butterfly. You can play a huge range of our talking games on finders. 
You can play the ‘can you find me’ game. This can be played with someone on their own as they sit with the finder in their hands and talk out loud or in their head, or this can be played with two people where one person acts as a leader. The leader can then ask if they can find certain items. Example: can you find something yellow? Can you find a love heart? Can you find an animal?

You can then use the same structure to add in counting. Example: can you count how many pink items there are? How many rainbows can you see? Etc

You can then take these techniques and add in opinion, this works well to build a relationship with the person you are working with or to add in an extra thought pathway to aid distraction. 
For example: what is your favourite item? What do you think the smallest item is? If you could have one of these items in real life in real size what would you choose?

All three of these games can be played without verbal communication, the leader can ask the questions and the second person can point to the pieces inside.

The memory game: This game is different, as it has less talking and more thought process but works excellent for group activities and distraction for older children. You look at the finder for a set amount of time, 2 minutes for example, you then hide the finder and have to remember as many items as possible. You can then shorten this time, add in extra rules - how many blue items are there, etc. 

Our finders can be used over and over again and are the perfect addition to any bag on a day out to the beach, or a day in the house, a long travelling journey or a cosy day in pyjamas.

A picture of the front and back of our how to guide that comes with every finder. It’s white on the front with our jazshouse logo, and on the back it’s pink and green with some ques and tips on how we use talking games with our finders.

Our how to guide comes in your box with each finder with some small promos and reminders.