About Us

Jasmine and one of her daughters posed with a self timer on a summers day outside a shop. Jasmine has a messy bun, a large oversized black shirt and white trainers, her daughter has a pink princess dress on. They are both smiling.Hello!

My name is Jasmine. I am an anxiety filled Mum of four, with one spectrum beauty.

Ive spent the last 2 years designing small hand held aids with ADHD and Autism at the forefront of my designs.
I worked with SEND young people and adults from age 17 until just before my third baby arrived. Between babies three and four is a bit blurry, so when four was no longer a little baby I decided I wanted to work from home and use my love of art, all the knowledge I had from my working life, mixed with what I am learning every day about my own daughter's sensory needs and my own always moving hands and Jazs House was born. 

We started off on Instagram - my home territory, but we've grown quicker than I ever could have ever wished for and I am incredibly grateful. So here we are, attempting a website as someone that struggles to attach a photo to an email. 

Each product is designed specifically with fidgeting in mind, for people who don’t want a huge silicone popper, because every type of tactile sensory need is valid. Every edge, the material, the visual, the texture, the shape, the type of chain, to create the best products we can for the widest range of people.

It was really important to me that we use resin with purpose-as it is a non-recyclable material. To combat that we only use second hand / preloved / recycled pieces inside all of our main products, each photo that you see isn't exactly how your product will arrive because it depends on what we've managed to get our hands on that month to fill all our goodies with. We have a 2-3 week turnaround. Every so often a one off product becomes available over on our Instagram, these are made with pieces that have gone wrong or not cured correctly to avoid as much waste as possible. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and can be put in any paper waste bags. 

Thankyou for taking a chance on a small business it means the world.