Collection: Tinker tray

Our tinker trays are our largest hand made designs, there is only one of each design as they are made using recycled pieces. They can be used as home decor, conversation pieces or shelf art BUT Our classic Jazshouse tinker trays are the perfect distraction tool for large groups, games at home or playing with siblings. 

All of our tinker trays encourage distraction by using speech, language, tactile sensory input and a visual anchor. - see our how to guide for our talking game examples.

Our finders have been designed with neurodivergent minds at the front of design, they are touchable, bright and portable. Our main aim is to distract before an on coming meltdown/shutdown/panic attack, we know life is tricky and distraction isn’t always possible, but once your jazshouse tinker becomes one of your safe items it’s an invaluable tool in your everyday kit.

All of our tinkers are waterproof, easily cleanable, heat resistant and are made with UV resistant resin

All of our tinkers can be used with cold or warm water, play dough, slime, flour, mud, sand and bubbles. To clean your finder you can use dish soap and warm water, and dry with a micro fibre cloth to avoid water stains.

Our talking games can be played as someone on their own as they sit with the tinker on their lap and talk out loud or in their head, or simply just move their fingers over the items inside, they can be used with two people where one person acts as a leader, or they can be used in a group with one person as a leader and everyone joining in.